Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Alex Gopher - Motorcycle EP (2006)

I haven't always been completely convinced with the French label Kitsuné Music, they seemed to start off so well and then pushed the '$$$' button and churned out the releases which became a little hit and miss for me. There's no denying that they brought us Digitalism, AutoKratz amongst others, but this release from Alex Gopher back in 2006 still remains one my favorites. Its so simple and effective in a Josh Wink - Higher State of Consciousness kinda way, besides anything that twangs & bleeps like that TB-303 clone he's using here gets the two thumbs up from me. BTW I'll try and post the track by A-Trak - Wampercycle over the coming weeks, he uses this as the foundation for rather catchy hip-hop tune.


1. Motorcycle (Wet Clutch Edit)
2. Motorcycle (Dry Clutch Edit)

Download at 320kbps

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