Friday, January 23, 2009

AM-Boy - Horrible Oracle Blessedness (2007)

I was some what inspired this week by the Roland Sebastian Faber releases over at Castles In Space (aka The Towers of Micron). It got me thinking about AM-Boy once again. Not terribly well known, but with a sound all of his own. It's best described as ambient I guess, its not going to confine you to one place though and keeps you interested throughout with his melodies and breaks. I've tried to find more of his stuff since hearing this album, but with no luck whatsoever. His label Attack 9 are a US outfit who also release the music of Freescha.


1. A Place Of No Eyes (3:35)
2. Rallies Fads And Riots (5:49)
3. Brackish Exploration (4:58)
4. Over The Bridge (4:52)
5. Seaward Classic (5:16)
6. Moving Up In The World (3:24)
7. Turning Of Season (4:26)
8. Blue Pass (1:44)
9. Brickpath (6:04)
10. Let's Dance (1:27)
11. Erola (7:49)
12. Epic Battalion (2:23)
13. This Dead Scene (4:28)
14. Full Circle (2:27)
15. Never Be The Same (8:44)
16. Seclera (5:10)

Download at 320kbps