Monday, January 19, 2009

Battles - Atlas (2007)

Back in early 2007 I was invited down to the South Bank BFI for the opening night of Bug Video, a night dedicated to showcasing the weird and wonderful world of music video production. It was also hosted by Adam Buxton, who coincidentally I think is a very funny man, so it was an invitation I accepted. The very first video they played that night was this track by Battles. I was immediately drawn into the sound that these guys were making (Math Rock I think they call it) as well as the video of a mirrored room floating in space. It reminded me of a Sapphire & Steel kind of thingy. Anyway I went out bought the record, saw them play at Scala in Kings Cross and have tried to convince my mates ever since that even though he sounds like a chipmunk this track is truly awesome. DJ Koze provides the B side remix on the Warp Records release and takes it into different territory all together.


1. Atlas (7:10)
2. Atlas (DJ Koze Remix) (7:03)

Now, how cool is this video by Timothy Saccenti....

Download at 320kbps

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