Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Battles - Tonto (2007)

Battles again, and another corker from the math rockers and Warp Records with remixes of courtesy of one of my current personal favorites The Field as well as Four Tet which can always be relied on to deliver some quirky electronica. Not much more to say but to get involved.


1. Tonto (Album Version) (7:42)
2. Tonto (The Field Remix) (8:18)
3. Tonto (Four Tet Remix) (9:20)
4. Tonto (Live At FRF 07) (9:08)
5. Leyendecker (Live At FRF 07) (3:41)
6. Leyendecker (DJ Emz Remix) (4:37)

Oh, and while I'm at it I'm going to ask whether anyone else thinks that the album cover looks similar to the Factory Records release by Section 25 - From The Hip? The one below was shot on Mount Snowdonia in Wales by Trevor Key & Peter Saville, but the concept is the same. Right?

Download at 192kbps


  1. I am so glad and amazed that you caught this!
    It has to be an obvious reference to the Section 25
    album cover. I'm still looking for a vinyl copy
    of "From The Hip".

    Hands down,The best Electro record ever recorded.
    Why it is not a famous record to this
    day is mind boggling to me.

    I also want to mention that I really love your blog
    and hope you keep at it. I heard that The Field
    is putting out a new album. Are you going to post it?



  2. Thanks JA, I seem to notice these kind of random things, good to know that its appreciated :) I have the record somewhere, I'll try and dig it out for you. As for The Field album, I love his sound so I'll post it when I get it. Cheers again.