Monday, January 5, 2009

Benn Jordan - Pale Blue Dot - A Tribute to Carl Sagan (2008)

There's no denying that Benn Jordan aka Acidwolf, Flashbulb to name but a few, is a prolific and wholly versatile creating of electronic wizardry. From Breakcore through to composing music for Dove's (woman's soap for the unknowing) TV campaign. This release isn't breakcore nor is it something to wash yourself to, its a masterful display of how to produce ambient music. Don't smoke or drink too much and expect to last the entire album, it ain't going to happen. Instead put it on at work, background it, if you know what I mean? After a few listens you'll start to pick up on the vibe he's trying to create. Believe me it's all goos.

Download at 320kpbs

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  1. Thanks again for another great download, can't find this on FLAC anywhere though. (I am utterly broke and unemployed for the next few weeks, I would buy it if I could)