Monday, January 12, 2009

Siriusmo - Diskoding EP (2008)

Siriusmo is yet another Berliner who's making some proper machine funk. Be warned, I'm not expecting everyone to like this but its marvelously unpredictable. Quick n'random edits of samples, vocoders, phat funky basslines and a splattering of moogs and vintage synth goodness. This kind of shit must give Daft Punk something to think about down there in Paris. My favourite being track 8 'Lastdear'. Now I read Moritz Friedrich (his real name of course) is good ol'friends with Bpitch Control Record's Modeselektor. They're both definitely making music of the same ilk. Released on Boys Noize's own label back in February 2008.


1. Intro (0:26)
2. Simple (4:28)
3. Too Simple (1:58)
4. Mein Neues Fahrrad (Boys Noize Edit) (6:25)
5. Schreitmaschine (1:57)
6. Diskoding (3:13)
7. Diskozinzin (3:06)
8. Lastdear (4:09)

Download at 192kpbs

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