Saturday, January 3, 2009

Jean-Michel Jarre - Équinoxe (1978)

I'm not one to spout on about all the different types of synths Jean Michel Jarre used in making his masterpieces, at the end of the day it took a genius to work it all out and to make something as forward thinking as his 70's albums. I did view this on YouTube recently and its well worth a look. Yes I know it relates to the 1976 album Oxygene but its still quite fascinating all the same. Check out the Mellotron sampler at about 5mins 39secs. Awesome. And of course the Theremin.

Here's the Équinoxe album from 1978. Every track a electronic gem even though some crystal gazers now call this 'Dream' or 'New Age' music, WTF?! Anyway my favourites are Équinoxe Part 5 and Équinoxe Part 7.

Download at 192kpbs

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