Tuesday, January 20, 2009

John Carpenter - Assault on Precinct 13 - OST (1976)

Great thing about wiki is that someone has said it all before, well most of it anyway. I first heard this when it was sampled by Afrika Bambaataa then by Bomb The Bass, but I'm going through a John Carpenter renaissance at the moment and although I prefer the soundtrack from Escape from New York this is still pretty good. And keep in mind that this is over 32 years old.

From Wikipedia:

"One of the film's features is its score, composed and recorded by director John Carpenter. The combination of synthesizer hooks, electronic drones and drum machines set it apart from many other scores of the period and created a distinct style of minimalist electronic soundtrack for which Carpenter, and his films, would become associated. The score consists of two main themes: the main title theme, with its familiar synthesizer melody, and a slower more contemplative theme used in the film's more subdued scenes. Besides these two themes the soundtrack also features a series of ominous drones and primal drum patterns which often represented the anonymous gang gathering in the shadows.

Beyond its use in the film, the score is often cited as an influence on various electronic and hip hop artists with its main title theme being sampled by artists including Afrika Bambaataa, I-F, Dead Prez and Bomb the Bass, whose song "Megablast" featured a sample of the score and was used in the soundtrack to the video game Xenon 2 Megablast."


1. Assault On Precinct 13 (Main Title)
2. Napoleon Wilson
3. Street Thunder
4. Precinct 9 - Division 13
5. Targets / Ice Cream Man On Edge
6. Wrong Flavour
7. Emergy Stop
8. Lawson's Revenge
9. Sanctuary
10. Second Wave
11. The Windows
12. Julie
13. Well's Flight
14. To The Basement
15. Walking Out
16. Assault On Precinct 13

Download at 256kbps


  1. Thanks for this soundtrack. Always wanted to hear it but never got down to owning one.

  2. No problem, let me know what you think....its pretty cool in places.

  3. Just found this, thanks for posting!

  4. Thanks - I had this OST but then lost it again. I love it! I love the EFNY ost aswell. I wish Carpenter produced music as much as movies, he had a real ear for atmosphere and intrigue.

  5. thx a lot from Spain! YEAH this is just i was thinking when i hear 1st time the main theme of the movie. Amiga game Xenon 2 Megablast!! The Amiga computer, my love 80-90s machine! thank you for let me remember it :D

  6. Carpenter is a real genious in directing and he could even compose nice music!