Saturday, January 17, 2009

Long Range - Madness And Me (2007)

I've already posted some of Paul Hartnoll's solo work and this is the other half of Orbital, Phil Hartnoll teaming up with Nick Smith for
'Long Range'. Released back in 2007 I still feel that this didn't get the recognition it deserved. The remixes that followed, namely by Hybrid were a real disappointment and the best versions are all on here and they're all original.

Its not quite the standard of Orbital but very good all the same. Perhaps I'm being a bit harsh but the highlight for me is 'Just One more'. I've included the video below to give you a taster. I also heard that Orbital are reforming for this years 'Big Chill'. I'm hoping for a new album too, if you hear anything please let me know.


1 Lie Down (5:15)
2 Madness And Me (7:08)
3 Which Way Now (7:14)
4 Run With The Rain (5:24)
5 Dispell The Clouds (7:04)
6 Three (5:22)
7 Your Face (7:06)
8 Just One More (10:18)
9 So Long (4:23)

Download at 320kbps

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