Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Luomo feat. Apparat - Love You All (2008)

Out of habit I hunt down anything that is produced by Sascha Ring aka Apparat. I was a little disappointed to find that this was a 'digital only' release as I could really do with a vinyl copy of it. Anyway, he's one of my current electronic heroes and sits proudly at No.1 on my my Last.fm page. I feel he's about to reach the tipping point in terms popularity, which is all good as it raises the level in terms on innovation and production techniques that push the fold. This release features his vocals on a track by Finnish producer Luomo. The 'Club Mix' is the one doing it for me, something about the hypnotic appregiatored bass that does it for me (as always).


1. Love You All (Album Version) (7:13)
2. Love You All (Club Version) (7:46)
3. Love You All (Radio Edit) (3:49)

Download at a lovely 320kbps

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