Saturday, January 17, 2009

Neneh Cherry - Buffalo Stance (1988)

I remember picking this up on 12" back in 1988 because it was produced by Tim Simenon aka Bomb The Bass. It obviously went on to be a huge pop hit and the vinyl version was stored away. I went to find it recently because there was a acapella version on it I wanted to sample. The vinyl was scratched and so I went on an eBay mission to hunt down a CD version. I finally got one and here it is in all its glory. The original we all know but its the 'Electro Ski' version which is the coolest for me with its gated FX and use of the original melody. And yeah it includes the acapella.


1. Buffalo Stance (Extended Mix) (5:43)
2. Buffalo Stance (Scratchapella) (1:38)
3. Buffalo Stance (Electro Ski) (3:38)
4. Give Me A Muthuf***ing Breakbeat (Sukka Mix) (5:19)

SHIT SORRY, this now has the correct link attached to it!

Download at 320kbps


  1. "Bomb the bass - rock this place". My friend's older bruva (Louis Khan), got over to the UK, somehow hooked up with Tim and the rest is history. His ugly mug is all over the Beat Dis video.

  2. I was wondering what the others versions sound like. Thanks!

  3. thanks a lot for this 12".