Saturday, January 3, 2009

Paul Hartnoll - Patchwork Guilt / Gloopy (2007)

The Hartnoll brothers have had a huge influence in shaping my musical taste. For some its the Chemical Brothers, others The Orb or Meat Beat Manifesto, but ever since buying my copy of 'Chime' I was hooked. I just found it so different and unique from whatever else was around at that time. Then came the 'Green Album', then in 1993 my personal favourite the 'Brown Album' cemented them as techno gods in my world. I'll be posting more on Orbital at later times once I dig out the vinyl, but let's fast forward to 2007 for Paul Hartnoll's first solo release on UK label Kids. Originally limited to 1000 vinyl copies it features the track 'Patchwork Guilt' which appears on the album 'The Ideal Condition' and is backed with the more Orbital sounding track 'Gloopy' which really is the stand out of the two. I also recommend checking out the album, which involved Paul orchestrating and recording a 32 piece string section and choir.

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