Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Petter - Some Polyphony (2006)

Petter is another Swedish electronic producer that arrived on the scene a few years back when James Holden picked up his music for release on the cult-like label Border Community, arguably one of the most consistent and eclectic British electronic labels. This 3 track EP took a while for me to appreciate but it once again is the B side that converted me. The track 'Untight' is just something special, the arrangement through to the sound textures are just so clever. Don't disregard 'Some Polyphony' it's a typical Holden style tune.


1. Some Polyphony (7:58)
2. Untight (6:27)
3. Less Exciting (5:35)

Love the video clip too...

Vinyl Rip @ 320kbps

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