Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Roughage - Katoomba EP (1996)

Not going to beat about the bush on this one. I was addicted to this label back in the mid-90's, that is, Time Unlimited sister label to the legendary techno label Noom. Roughage are just straight up, no-nonsense German trance, borne from the early Frankfurt techno and trance explosion of the early 90's. The stand out tracks for me are track 3 'Katoomba (Sydney Live Mix)' which is an epic 14 or so minutes into old school trance and also Track 'Sydney' which again just seems to hold a special place in my heart. Hope some of you can appreciate this.


1. Sydney (Sonido Analogica) (Progressive Mix) (6:37)
2. Goa Suisse (5:44)
3. Katoomba (Sydney Live Mix) (14:44)
4. Freaks (4:47)
5. Bit (2:44)

Download at 320kpbs

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