Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sascha Funke - Mango (2008)

I've become a firm believer that things don't have to brand spanking new for them to be good, especially in electronic music. Too much and too often people are obsessed with making sure everything they listen to is hot of the press. I think what it ends up doing is leaving very little time to appreciate what has been left behind. A true testament of any kind of electronica is for it to keep sounding fresh and for it to keep inspiring you and this album is a good example of this. This is fast becoming my favorite album for the Southern Hemisphere summer even though it now approaching 12 months old. Its taken that time for me to understand it and to appreciate it. Mango drifts between beautifully produced ambiance through to the more traditional minimal techno that you'd expect from this label. Enjoy.


1. Mango (7:01)
2. We Are Facing The Sun (7:10)
3. Feather (5:33)
4. Take A Chance With Me (6:13)
5. Summer Rain (3:17)
6. Double Checked (7:16)
7. Lotre (Mehr Fleisch) (7:08)
8. Chemin Des Figons (8:17)
9. The Fortune Cookie Symphony (3:06)

Download at 320kpbs

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