Monday, January 19, 2009

Uffie - Pop The Glock EP (2006)

Righto, here's the rub. When I originally heard this I wasn't too impressed to be completly honest but I'm not one not to be sold over. Uffie is a rich kid, proud of it and keeps reminding us she doesn't give a fuck what we think of her. Fair play. That aside, this track has something I kind of despise of today's hip-hop but something which I also love. I think it might be the Feadz backing production skills and rather clever vocoder effects he has placed on her voice. That aside French label Ed Banger have something of a star on their hands it seems these days. Rather cool.


1. Pop The Glock (3:29)
2. Ready To Uff (3:28)
3. Pop The Glock (2006)(3:29)
4. Hot Chick In Charge (3:40)
5. Pop The Glock (Sebastian Remix) (2:42)

Download at 192kbps

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