Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wax Stag - Wax Stag (2008)

I'm not sure about you but I've always liked the music on the original 80's computer games, that 8 bit melodic stuff which stays embedded and etched on your brain for eternity. I also love the music on the Nintendo Wii and am not ashamed to admit it. So enter Wax Stag of St.Albans, when he's not the drummer for Clark he's making this lovely melodic and emotional 8 bit style music. Hot Chip brought him to my attention with their DJ-Kicks K7! compilation a few years ago and soon afterwards People In The Sky signed him for an EP and now an album. Now feast your eyes on the video below which even I admit is slightly skewed.


1. Short Road
2. And How
3. Folk Rock
4. Descant
5. Gold Gold
6. Fantasy Gay
7. Mirror Lantern
8. Glenferrie
9. The Wash
10. Leith
11. George White
12. Sson

Download at 320kbps


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