Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Björk - Kindness Kind (Delikate Impostors Mix) (2003)

Lovely little progressive house bootleg from 5 or so years ago. Originating in Canada we sold a shed load of these back when I had my record shop. It's a long 10 minute affair, the kind of thing that Digweed and Sasha would have played at Bedrock. Not that I was a massive fan of that scene, nice to see it finally disappeared up its own ass.


1. Björk - Kindness Kind (Delikate Impostors Mix)

Download Vinyl Rip @ 320kbps


  1. The bootleg name is Kindness Kind but its called Undo on the album Verspentine. Theres another boot that came out after this:
    Undo (Reposado Brothers Breaks Mix) thats rather good

  2. Its called Undo but the bootlegger renamed it, look out for the Reposado Brothers Breaks Mix that came out about the same time on 12"

  3. Cheers for that Robjn, I'll look out for it.