Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jon Hopkins - Insides (2009)

Lot's of buzz going on around this album at the moment. Jon Hopkins is some kind of childhood prodigy who was trained since 12 years old at The Royal College of Music. He's chosen the path of electronica these days and is involved with likes of Coldplay, Massive Attack and Brian Eno. Now this album is heavily influenced by piano, perhaps a little too much but there are some great ambient moments as well as lashings of glitch to keep people like me interested.


1. The Wider Sun
2. Vessel
3. Insides
4. Wire
5. Colour Eye
6. Light Through The Veins
7. The Lower Places
8. Small Memory
9. A Drifting Up
10. Autumn Hill

Download @ 320kbps

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