Saturday, February 14, 2009

Leftfield - Left of Life (Bootleg) (2003)

I went into my storage or lock-up this afternoon. I had my wife and kid waiting in the car but I managed to get in and quickly open one of the boxes in there. Like a kid in candy store. I found a few breaks bootlegs that did the rounds in London around 2003 or so. I'm trying to set myself a goal of unpacking all the vinyl over the next few months and giving it a new home downstairs in the studio. There's literally 1000's upon 1000's of 12 inches, spanning nearly 30 years of music collecting and got me thinking about a comment from Audiojack earlier in the week. They asked me (anonymously because we don't know their names do we lads?) to take down their track and also reminded me that file sharing is illegal. Holy shit, really? FFS are you honestly telling me you didn't grab anything on the way through? And that all your plugins and software in your studio is bought, you have never copied a CD or made a mixtape for your mates? Made me laugh when it's the people like me and my blog readers that are supporting your music and spreading it for you. Some people's ignorance really does amaze me and I kind of assumed that most producers (including myself) had realised the new world order and how to embrace it. Anyway, that's all I want to say, let's get back to the music and to prove my point I'll post a few bootlegs to underline my point that music is still a malluable substance.


1. Left Of Life (6:37)

Vinyl Rip @ 320kbps


  1. Thanks for the link... downloading now. Audiojack

  2. Mate you're a legend - I have these ddb tunes back in Oz in storage and am so glad I can grab a copy here in the UK - much appreciated!