Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mantronix - The Best of 1986-1988 (1999)

Kurtis Mantronik was a genius. Compared to everything else that was around in the B-Boy scene at the time he was miles ahead. He was the master of the technology of the day, the 808 , the sampler and of course his trademark quick edits. The album ' Mantronix: The Album' was arguably his crowning moment in electronica, but the follow up album 'Music Madness' pushed the sound a little further, before it reached the tipping point with 'In Full Effect'. The first 7 figure hip-hop album deal ever, but in truth it wasn't worth anything like that. The horse had bolted and the sound was spent. 1986-1988 was his best years and this 'best of' is a good reminder of all that was good.


1. Ladies (Full Length) (6:52)
2. Electronic Energy Of (5:32)
3. Who Is It (Club Mix) (6:58)
4. Needle To The Groove (3:39)
5. Bassline (Stretched) (5:24)
6. Listen To The Bass Of Get Stupid Part II (4:26)
7. Scream (Remix)
8. Sing A Song (Break It Down)
9. Ladies (Revived) (6:44)
10. Mantronix To The Groove (Megamix) (8:50)

Download @ 320kbps

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  1. I agree that Kurtis was excellent, but it was really Chep Nunez who made them - he did all the machine gun edits. He died in a fire in his apartment - damn shame.