Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Orbital - Live at Glastonbury (1994-2004)

I went along and saw Orbital's very last London concert at Somerset House back in 2002. What a night it was and I still have the concert poster adorning my study, forever a reminder of that night and their contribution to shaping my musical taste. They went on to play at Glastonbury a few more times and then called it day. A 10 year history of playing at Glastonbury is hard to beat I'd say, that's loyalty to the cause, and from reports their shows were often the jewel in the crown. This double CD release came out in 2007, accompanied by a DVD of different performances. I'm not going to put that up as you can find most of it on YouTube. But this should have a place in everyone's mp3 box.


1. Walk Now (1994) (8:02)
2. Are We Here? (1994) (15:44)
3. Attached (1994) (8:21)
4. Kein Trink Wasser (1995) (7:38)
5. Impact (The Earth Is Burning) (1995) (10:35)
6. Remind (1995) (9:19)
7. Halcyon (1999) (8:04)
8. The Box (1999) (5:20)

1. Style/Bagpipe Style (1999) (8:57)
2. The Girl With The Sun In Her Head (2002) (5:58)
3. Funny Break (Weekend Ravers) (2002) (9:46)
4. Belfast (2002) (7:30)
5. Frenetic (2002) (9:05)
6. Satan (2004) (7:00)
7. Dr Who? (2004) (5:26)
8. Chime (2004) (11:18)

Doctor Who theme live at Glastonbury 2004...so farking sweet as it phases into 'Chime'.....

You'll need to download all 4 before attempting to unpack...but you knew that right?

Download @ 320kbps - Part 1
Download @ 320kbps - Part 2
Download @ 320kbps - Part 3
Download @ 320kbps - Part 4


  1. Please, you do not have the 'the best of the volume ep'?

    for alanz


  2. I went to Somerset House that year. Friday, 21st June. I think that was the second date. It rained I remember that. They were fabulous. I'm so looking forward to them being back. Big Chill and UK tour now announced. Marvellous.

  3. Yes I do Alanz, I'll need to find it in one of my boxes in storage. I have it on vinyl so I'll try it get it up for you over the coming weeks.

  4. Yeah Ctelblog, we went the night that it didn't rain! :) I remember having to queue forever to get a beer though!

  5. "Orbital's very last London concert at Somerset House back in 2002 . . . " yup, June 21st, it pissed with rain. Prolly up there as one of the gigs that never was iyswim.

    Btw, my gig ticket box says they did a late -nighter at Brixton Acadamy Friday 25 June 2004.

    Btw2 and apols for the shameless plug, you can still get the final Maida Vale BBC gig (intro'd by Peely) chez mois.

  6. Thanks for that Mr Blade, I'm just grabbing the BBC gig now.