Sunday, February 15, 2009

Steve Spacek - Dollar (2005)

Steve Spacek reminds me (and others) of Curtis Mayfield, I reckon this is kind thing that Curtis would be knocking out if he was still around and 30 years younger. The moralistic and political slanted vocals are just another similarity. This tune is from the 2005 album 'Space Shift' and was produced by J Dilla, the hugely talented US hip-hop producer. He was so much cooler than the bullshit and formulated sound of P Diddy and the likes. It was one of the last things J Dilla produced before tragically dying in early 2006 of TTP, a rare blood disease. Kick back and listen to what he's doing here, incredible. If there's enough interest I'll post the album too.


1. Dollar (Main)
2. Dollar (Instrumental)
3. Dollar (Acapella)

J Dilla - 2005

Vinyl Rip @ 320kbps