Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Charlie May - Bug EP (2001)

I've always seen Charlie May as one of the more underrated UK producers. He's the man behind all of Sasha's big releases Airdrawndagger, Involver, and Xpander and one half of Spooky with Duncan Forbes. No surprises really that all the attention goes to Sasha, who at the best of times I find some what irritating. But back to Mr.May, lesser producers have gone on to bigger things, but not our Charlie, perhaps by choice, who knows? Now back in 2001 he released this double 12" release on UK house label Junior. Now that in itself was kind of strange decision because this wasn't their style of music, nor as a result did anyone really discover it. I had a copy in my office and always loved the tune Behemoth. It sits somewhere between progressive house, minimal and glitch, just kind of indescribable really. It keeps you locked in though, and that's always been my thing with it. All 4 tracks are epic 10 minute affairs but again I think they were designed to listen to. I've tried for many years to get a CD of it but failed, as a result it does have a few scratches from years of drunken abuse, but its good enough to share I'd say.

1. Behemoth (10:43)
2. Lost In Haste (9:57)
3. Feeding The Hand That Bites (10:47)
4. GKP (10:12)

Download Vinyl Rip @ 320kbps


  1. Greeat stuff... Thanks !

  2. Spooky = definitely on of the most underrated prog house duos. Hope they continue to release music. :)

  3. Man, THANK YOU for posting this. I'm usually not into downloading music that the artist hasn't given express permission to, but I'll make this exception since I actually once owned a copy of this on vinyl and nobody seems particularly interested in releasing it on iTunes or the like. I've been looking for this EP on CD/DL for years since I let go of my vinyl collection. Truly one of the best examples of what I'd generally place under the umbrella of progressive house. I love his work with Sasha, but this is so much more liberated. Thank you !

  4. You're welcome Ryan. We aim to please. I tried for years to get a CD of this but failed. It doesn't exist and you're right it was never released even as a download. It's an outstanding example of Mr May's production prowess.