Thursday, March 5, 2009

Intaferon - Getoutoflondon (1983)

When I was growing up in New Zealand in the 80's we only had a few media outlets for decent music. One of these was a Sunday evening TV show called 'Radio With Pictures '. I've been noticing since going on my blogging crusade that a lot of the older stuff I tend to post was originally seen and recorded from that show. Laurie Anderson, Freur, Sex Pistols, Joy Division, New Order, PIL, The Dammed, so many to mention. I still have the VHS tapes of it all somewhere. This brings me to this tune from 1983 from one hit wonders Intaferon. I didn't get the vinyl of it until a few years ago in London when I suddenly remembered it for some reason. Had a great video clip with it too. Now it's not technically electronic but I like it. The B side mix seems to start without warning and has a few annoying effects and arrangements going on. I'd stick to the A side if you want to get a better experience.


1. Getoutoflondon
2. Getoutoflondon (Intercontinentalballisticmix)

Download Vinyl Rip @ 320kbps

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