Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Orbital - Belfast/Wasted - The Best of Volume EP (1995)

By popular demand, I found my copy in the far flung corners of my storage unit! Yes i know it has a few scratches but this is another one that has been abused in late night drunken behaviour and lived through many PS1, PS2 and Sega Genesis sessions. We all know the classic Belfast, well this is a vocal version of it featuring Grant Fulton, who also did the vocal on the Orbital track 'The Box' if you really want to know. Comes with a rather nice poster of Phil and Paul, not sure what the reasoning behind that idea was but I guess it's a nice to have.


1. Belfast/Wasted (Wasted Vocal Mix) (7:03)
2. Therapy? Innocent X (Remix) (2:56)

Download Vinyl Rip @ 320kbps