Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Telefon Tel Aviv - You Are The Worst Thing In The World (Remixes) (2009)

What a tragedy it was to hear how Charlie Cooper, one half of Telefon Tel Aviv, took his own life only a couple of days after releasing the album 'Immolate Yourself' in late January of this year. I haven't stopped listening to that album for the past 3 months and the attention to detail is just so amazing there is no doubt in my mind that his production technique was genius. This is the first single release from the album and features a couple of minimal club friendlier versions as well as the album version. If you haven't yet heard the full album I strongly recommend you do.


1. The Worst Thing In The World (Jay Haze Remix)
2. Your Mouth
3. The Worst Thing In The World (Gaiser's Possibly The Universe Remix)
4. The Worst Thing In The World

R.I.P. Charles Wesley Cooper III

Download Vinyl @ 320kbps


  1. No sorry, no Sasha mix, I have heard of it though. Anyone know if it's an official remix?

  2. Here it is