Friday, May 1, 2009

Annie Lennox - Wonderful (2003)

I'm back! A break in the clouds and I've finally managed to find some time to sit down drink wine and listen to some records. Got quite a mixed bag to share tonight and I guess there is a correlation between how much Pinot I've tipped down my throat and the diverse range of musical styles.

I always loved Annie Lennox and even though she's about as pop as you get she still has a wonderful voice. This was released 5 or so years ago. The 2nd track Pavement Cracks is just so unoffensive and nice. The B side or track 3 is also a nice piece of progressive trance from Gabriel & Dresden if you're that way inclined.


1. Wonderful (Album Version) (4:16)
2. Pavement Cracks (Goldtrix Full Vocal Mix) (6:34)
3. A Thousand Beautiful Things (Gabriel & Dresden Tech Funk Mix) (9:03)

Download Vinyl Rip @ 320kbps


  1. Good to be back! Will get some more up over the weekend. Have a good one man.

  2. Kia Ora Cuz,hope that's a yummy mushroomie pinot from Godzone mate,cheers for all the illegal smoke,lurve it here in sunny old Papamoa!!!