Monday, May 4, 2009

Echopark presents No More - Suicide Commando (1998)

11 years ago I found this gem discarded in a sale bin in Notting Hill. I bought it on the fact that Thorsten Stenzel had co-produced it and hoped it was one of his less popular house type tunes. Phil Fuldner was also involved in the production and he also makes some interesting stuff at times. Anyway these two Germans have taken the old song recorded by No More in 1981 and made it something very special. I did a little digging around and the original tune is rare and also quite a cult classic, (this record itself it worth over £30 now @ Discogs, such a nice feeling to have paid a quid for it and had one over those anorak, know-all types that use to hangout behind the counter at Reckless Records) so much so that there's a website set up in its honor, check it here and enjoy the A side of this.


1. Suicide Commando (Extended Clubmix) (6:58)
2. Suicide Commando (New York Mix) (6:00)
3. Suicide Commando (New York Cut) (3:05)

Download Vinyl Rip @ 320kbps

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