Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fedaden - Broader (2009)

I was put onto this guy by a guy I know on (Cheers Joel! :) He's got very good taste in music I might add) Knowing my passion for all things Apparat he recommended I hunted down this album by Frenchman Fedaden. It's a real mixed bag at first, I struggled to get my head around it but it's all started to make sense lately. There's touches of filtered house from the influence of Daft Punk through to melodic chords by M83. Yeah, of course it's also a bit glitchy techno in places, and it will most probably annoy the hell of people who are tone deaf around you, but that aside, I absolutely love it. Particularly the tracks 'Broader', 'The Perfume' & 'Music Box'.


1. Verdad
2. Danseur inutile (feat. Dominique A)
3. Broader
4. Music box
5. Mélodie
6. Buralta
7. Lluvia
8. Key
9. Atlantis
10. The Perfume
11. Sour
12. Vultures
13. Contrecoeur

Now check out this video Directed by Xavier Chassaing featuring music from 'Broader' for a little starter....

Download @ 320kbps


  1. I'd never heard of this before, but it's terrific. So good to have you back, mate. Illegal Smoking Robot is STILL my favourite blog.

  2. Thanks Nolan, it's good to be back actually. I have some time on my hands at the moment, I'm on gardening leave for a month or so. So when I'm not looking after mini-me I can sit down and give this some attention. Hope you're well, still love Castles in Space. I'll be in London in the new year if you're keen on buying me a beer :)