Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Apparat - Berlin.Montreal.Tel Aviv - Selected Live Recordings (2006)

Another Apparat single. Released about 3 years ago and featuring 3 tracks from selected live performances.

Has anyone heard anything about a new album from him? It's been a while now.....


1. Berlin
2. Montreal
3. Tel Aviv

Download Vinyl Rip @320kbps

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  1. I talked with him a bit @ the moderat show and the new years show in seattle. Remember him saying he wasnt happy with some bits on walls, he dosent like computer checkstands, he also said that the whole moderat thing drained him compleatly. On new years he said he was going to go to mexico to record at a studio owned by 808 state? (it was some old school group...alcohol) and he wanted to push for a new or different sound.