Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Liquid - Culture (1995)

Another mixed bag to serve you'll up tonight as I continue to delve deeper into the boxes in the basement.

First up is from 1995, the album from Liquid who's rave hit 'Sweet Harmony' arguably defined a rave era back in 1991. Spread over 2 vinyl it's pretty reminiscent of where UK club music was in the mid 90's. It was a time of cross roads I remember quite vividly. On the right you had house, popular style that is, and on your left you had trance being driven my the Frankfurt scene and German labels like Eye-Q, and somewhere in-between there was techno. I still find it kind of sad that the scene had to splinter and all the pigeon holing of electronic music that came after it.

There's some real house tunes in here complete with both male and female vocals. There's also a hint of trance in a few of them and my favourite Liquid tune 'Liquid is Liquid', although the version on the album has been remixed by Red Jerry, aka Mr Hooj Choons.


1. Liquid Love
2. Snowstorm
3. One Love Family (Your Teeth In My Neck)
4. Rise
5. Closer
6. Phase
7. Mist
8. Liquid Is Liquid (Journey Into Dub)
9. Niagara
10. Drug Culture (Vision Dawn)
11. Hope Against Hope
12. Sweet Harmony

Download Vinyl Rip @320kbps

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