Sunday, November 8, 2009

Paul Hartnoll feat. Robert Smith - Please (The Remixes) (2007)

My all things Orbital obsession continues. Forgot I had this white label from a few years ago. Features The Cure front man Robert Smith on vocals. I remember the reviews of this a few years ago, most didn't like it but it's not that bad really. A couple of more dance friendly remixes on the B side but the Paul Hartnoll 'Remember 1992?' remix, as the title suggest, is the one that takes it back to the Orbital rave days.


1. Please (Remember 1992?) (Paul Hartnoll Mix) 5:45
2. Please (The Whip Remix) 5:37
3. Please (Boss Boss Remix)

Download Vinyl Rip@320kbps


  1. If you do indeed have an *all things Orbital* obsession, let me direct you to this rarely heard little gem...I reviewed it when it came out and I still like it...I introduced Madonnas' manager to the world of Electronic music/William Orbit and lucky for us Orbital was brought in...who knew?

    Great Great blog ...thank you

  2. Thanks a lot man, I have this remix too. I remember very clearly when it came out and how I had mixed feelings about it. I love the remix though, and I'm also a massive fan of William Orbit. Pity she's such a tit though. Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas.