Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Quarks - Allein (2003)

Discovered Quarks about 4 or so years ago on an Ellen Allien Berlin compilation and immediately fell it love with their sound. The track I first heard was Königin. Made up of Jovanka von Willsdorf and Niels Lorenz they produced a few albums and split while recording their 3rd apparently. Lyrics are all in German (a few in Japanese as well) but get past that and the music, arrangements and the mood is second to done. I can't get enough of their stuff but the cost of their singles are steep to say the least. I'm going to post a remix album as well which took me farking ages to find.

This single includes remixes by Sascha Funke and Swayzak.


1. Allein (Augen Zu Und Durch) Remixed by Sascha Funke
2. Allein (Rolling Luggage) Remixed by Swayzak
3. Allein (Original) 3:42

Download Vinyl Rip @320kbps

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