Friday, March 5, 2010

Slacker - Scared (1996)

I'm back again, unreliable as ever, apologies.

Anyway, late last night, or very early this morning, I was up listening to a few old tunes and this one really stood out. Back in 1996 I was frequenting a club night called The Gallery at Turnmills, Clerkenwell, London. When looking back I'd have to say they are some of my best clubbing memories and without doubt was the final motivation I needed to start producing music myself.

This tune by Slacker was one of the anthems of The Gallery. It's got real funky and relentless bassline and it's combined with what I guess you'd call trance. It's the 'Lonely Traveller' mix which is my favourite.


1. Scared (Edit)
2. Scared (Pob Seismix)
3. Scared (Dylan Rhymes Remix)
4. Scared (The Lonely Traveller)
5. Scared (Of Tomorrow)

Download @192kbps


  1. no problems with the fact you post infrequently here bro. It's about the quality and you really have some HiQ posts!

  2. Your comments are much appreciated Erik :) Thank you. Once winter arrives here I imagine I'll be having more time :)

  3. Hey Tone,
    Hope you keep coming here whenever you listen something that hits your thoughts.
    ..that winter arrives!

    See you

  4. miss turnmills. miss the Gallery, THAT was a good party. Scared is probably the stand out track of the yr in terms of inventiveness and utter dancefloor carnage. good choice.

  5. There's a few more records from that era I'll dig out over the coming week or so.

  6. Download @192kbps not 320kbps :p

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  8. i just found this blog while looking for an old record of mine that i can't find and i just have to say - holy shit wow! you're amazing. thanks so much for all the effort you must have put into this over the last year. you have so many of the same tunes that i have on vinyl. and you're pointing me to a lot of new stuff that i haven't been noticing. it's perfect!