Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Various Artists - Pop Ambient 2007 (2006)

A continuation of Kompakt's annual ambient series, this one's from late 2006. Yes, a few years old and for those who follow me on Twitter you'll know I rediscovered this the other day by chance (that is the power of shuffle).I'm talking about The Field - Kappsta tune. Sampling the haunting vocals of Julee Cruise from Twin Peaks this is simply farking awesome by Axel Willner, who's styles seems to imitate the sounds you get from doing loops on a Pioneer CDJ, the kind that seem to irritate others but you think sound actually quite good. Also features another wholly underrated producer in my opinion, Popnoname, from Cologne and who's last 2 albums have been absolutely stellar. Keep in mind this is an ambient album, so smoke up and lie down.


1. Popnoname - Hafen
2. Markus Guentner - Altocomulus Opacus
3. Gas - Nach 1912
4. The Field - Kappsta
5. Thomas Fehlmann - Next To The Field
6, Triola - Das Wunder Der Kulperhütte
7. Marsen Jules - Où La Nostalgie Habite
8. Klimek - Ruined In A Day (Buenos Aires)
9. Ulf Lohmann - Lai King Est
10. Andrew Thomas - I Am Here Where Are You

Download @320kbps

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