Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Arnaud Rebotini - Music Components (2009)

French producer under many guises, Arnaud Rebotini, Zend Avesta and Black Strobe. Use to be in death metal band from all accounts then found more creative output in producing techno.

Back in 2008 he decided he'd set up some vintage analog equipment such as the ARP Odyssey, Korg's Mono/Poly, and Roland's ever-reliable TR-808 and bang out this album. I wasn't convinced at first but it's hooked me some 24 months on. It needs to be listened in its entirety to be appreciated. It really does remind me of a Noom Records type release from the mid 90s.

Interesting fact is that he's also 40 years old.


1. The Spirit Of Boogie
2. Un Cheval D'Orgueil
3. 1314
4. Cm
5. The Swamp Waltz
6. Horns Of Innocence
7. Conakry Filter Sweep
8. 777
9. Decade Of Aggression
10. Mnll

Download @320kbps


  1. I've finally just got around to listening to this. What a total classic. An unbelievably great album. You pull it out of the bag once again, Tone.

  2. Yes real nice old machine sound with a punching beat....hands upppp!