Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Ragga Twins - Reggae Owes Me Money (1991)

Another one of those albums that defined my time at University. You haven't heard raw sampling and bleeps until you've heard this. Hooligan 69 I remember was always on constant rotation in our flat, so was Illegal Gunshot and Spliffhead. I even attempted to play this album in a restaurant I worked at as a waiter. Didn't work out. Great forward thinking album of the time.


Intro 0:51
1. The Homeless Problem
2. Illegal Gunshot
3. Love Talk
4. Hooligan 69
5. Spliffhead Remix
6. The Killing
7. Wipe The Needle
8. Ragga Trip
9. 18'' Speaker
10. Juggling

Download @320kbps

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